Due to the convenience offered by the digital world, more than 20% of the food orders in India are now placed online. And not just the convenience, better customer service, easy management of menu, and prompt delivery are some other reasons why Indians love ordering their food online. But apart from all this, there is another important reason responsible for the surprising growth of ordering food online- Savings!

There are now several restaurants, food chains, and online food delivery marketplaces in India which offer amazing deals and discounts when you order food online. So, you get to enjoy delicious food while also saving a significant amount of money every time you order food online. And if this news is already proving to be mouth-watering, wait till you hear our offer for today.

You can now order food online and get Rs. 75 OFF on the order or Rs. 100 cashback! And where can you find this deal? Let us help you with that as well!

  1. Swiggy

If you love ordering food online, you might already know Swiggy. But if you don’t, let us enlighten you. Swiggy is an online food ordering service which also takes care of the delivery of your food to ensure lightning fast delivery. Simply place the order from your favourite local restaurant through Swiggy and let the team manage everything else. And with this Swiggy Discount and Cashback Offers, you can rest assured that your food will definitely taste much better!

  1. Foodpanda

Founded in the year 2012 in Germany, Foodpanda now has its presence in more than 40 countries all over the world. It is also very popular among Indians who love ordering food online. No matter if you are in the mood to enjoy a pizza or a local cuisine, you are sure to find all of it on Foodpanda. But when placing an order, don’t forget to use Foodpanda Coupons amazing deal!

  1. FreshMenu

If you are someone who likes to try something new every time you order food online, you are sure to love FreshMenu. The online food delivery service offers a new menu every day and is active in a number of major cities in India. With the best of chefs to prepare your meal, you are sure to devour the best of cuisines with FreshMenu. Be it pasta, pizza, or Chinese, FreshMenu is all set to tickle your taste buds. And don’t forget to use Freshmenu Promo Codes and Offers to get discount on your order.

  1. Zomato

With a presence in more than 24 countries all over the world, Zomato is definitely one of the most popular online food delivery portals. Simply log on to Zomato, search for your favourite nearby restaurant, browse through their menu and order food online- as simple as that! With a neat interface, user ratings and reviews, Zomato helps you find the best of local restaurants with utmost ease.

  1. Dominos

The name Dominos is synonymous with delicious pizza in India. And you’d be glad to know that your favourite chain of pizza now allows you to order your favourite pizza online. It has an amazing online website as well as an excellent mobile website if you want to order on-the-go. Moreover, Dominos has now upgraded its menu to offer a lot more than just pizza. So, head over to Dominos online and order a delicious pizza with Dominos India Coupons and save money!

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